System restore in window 8

System restore simply means restoring your system to the last or previous good condition
System restore in window 8 upward is a little bit complex than that in window 7 and window xp
Follow the steps below to do system restore in Window 8
1. Hold down shift button on the keyboard and restart your system. Hold it down until the system restarts itself and display 3 icons
2. Click on Troubleshoot icon(Refresh your pc or use advance tool

3. Click on Advance
4. Click on System Restore
5. Choose a valid account that you use on the system i.e If the account has a password, insert the account password
6. Click on Next on the dialogue box that is displayed on the screen
7. Then click on the restore point base on the date when your system was working perfectly. Please select show more restore point checkbox to show more restore point date and pick the date that you are sure that the system is working perfectly

Note: System restore will remove any software that is causing the problem. And that is why its important for you to check the date before proceeding with system restore. If the software is very important to you and you have installed the software earlier than the date, you can proceed with system restore because the software will not be affected but if the software is installed after the date of the restore point, will advice you not to continue because the software will be uninstalled for the system to work perfectly again.