How to optimize your Facebook business page

how to optimize your facebook business page


Optimizing your Facebook business page will give your brand a better chance to attract more fans to like and follow your page.
Note: You must first learn how to create a very effective facebook business page before optimizing the page. Click on the link below to learn on our server on how to create a facebook business page

Tips to optimize facebook business page

  1. Add a call to action button to your page. The button is always at the right top corner of your page (Click on Add a button). After clicking on the button, a dialogue box will be displayed as shown below.

Pick any of the options and click on next to add the button

2. Connect your page with Instagram and watapp
Login to your account and click on facebook Business page.
Click on Instagram/Watapp at the left corner of the page.
3. Choose a template for your page at the left options. This change the view and design of your page and inturn become very attractive to client that visit the page

4. Promote your page, boost your post and run Ads campaign on your page

5. Invite people to like your page

6. Add Facebook like box on your website
You can easily do this by downloading the plugin of Facebook like box and embed it in your web html code and if your website is built with wordpress, simply download the plugin and activate it and it will be on all your wordpress page

7. Create Viral Content
Viral Content is a content that has the potential to reach thousands and millions of online audience. A viral content must contain some key content as listed below
Must contain a power words that can easily convince your client to patronize you
You must use a good image that depict the objective of the post
The name of your image must be equal to the keyword
Must contain the keyword which must be used in the post content between 3-5 times

8. Use automation tools to boost your activity in facebook. E.g Buffer,, hubspot, gobot, kit for ecommerce, sms bumps for mobile marketing

9. Host a giveaway using raflecopter
Rafflecopter is use to run a giveaway to attract thousand of fans on facebook
Visit their website and try it

10. Add facebook like widget by widgetic.
This can enhance your facebook page by installing a facebook like widget plugin on your website which will create a like button on it. Visitors who logon to your website can easily click on the button, and it will be effected on your facebook business page.
11. Create page role by assigning different role function to many individual for more effectiveness in building up your page online presence.
Assign the following page role by typing the name or email of the person and select any of these:
And click on Add

And another advantage of this is that when the admin exhaust the number of people that he/she can invite, the other roles can continue to invite more clients.
Note: Always invite to your page folks that reacted to any of your post.

12. Add social media link to your website. i.e Create an Icon on your website where when visitors click on it, It will direct them to your facebook page or any other social media account that you have as shown below at the top right corner of the image. And this can easily be achievable by using Facebook social plugin.

13. Always Add your contact at the bottom of each of your post e.g Website url e.g and phone number preferable watapp number and any other number that is always available to receive calls from your online clients.

14. Use videos in promoting your products and services or passing information across to your online client. Videos go along way in attracting and creating more engagement on your social media platforms

15. Download Facebook page manager app for mobile. If you are managing your facebook business page on your phone. It is professional to download Facebook page manager app to manage all the facebook business pages.

16. Paste your post in relevant groups that you have joined. This is one of the best strategy that I use in optimizing my page and promote my post. What I do first is to join relevant groups that I believe will need this post. If am posting an article that I believe that tertiary institution students will need. I will join most of the university, polytechnic and other tertiary institutions and will wait for them to approve my page to join the group. Note: Make sure you join groups that are minimum of 10,000 members. When you post in such group, it means that your post has successfully reach 10,000 fans.

Click on the link below to learn how to do this

17. Start using Creator Studio Creator Studio is a new feature embed in facebook page.

To access Creator Studio, follow the steps below

1. Click on page which display the home of your facebook business page

2. Click on publishing tool at the top of your page

3. Then click on go to “creator studio button” at the centre of your page

I found creator studio interesting because of the following reasons.

1. It gives you the opportunity to manage your post, video and live streaming better

2. You can schedule your post to be publish at a particular time and date you wish

3. You can manage all your page in creator studio at once

4. I believed that you have learn a lot of new things on optimizing your facebook business page.

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