Media company business plan

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Ayjax is a media company in Nigeria that involve in video production, Tv broadcasting & radio content creation, film e.t.c and rendering of other media related services. Media company business plan in Nigeria will guide thousands of youth in running a successful media businesses


What Benefits of your products and services enables your biz to stand out from others
Experts handles our services
Productions are of high quality and cheap price
Establishment of strong sales channel
Training of students and Job creation
We provide an alternative solution for video companies or out of town television station
We do filming for entertainment companies, television networks & video companies
Introduction of unique software

Do this meet a particular Need or demand( your competitive advantage if any)

Yes, our equipment is more aligned with the new trend of video industry requiring digital technology, Needs are always met by our services rendered to video companies, music production and studios, live video projection.
Needs are also met by providing adverts and jingle to different companies
Training of student on media services is another need met which will reduce unemployment

Name five of your existing or Expected customers, How will you attract these customers to your point of sale?

Television stations
video production companies, other sales and services companies )
High schools & Families
Entertainment industry (movie director & producers
Future brides and grooms
Attraction: Direct approach, internet services, tv and radio advertisement, news papers, magazines, community engagement activities, trade show and word of mouth



Benefits I and my staff will bring to the business

Creation of good organizational that will encourage productivity, customers care which connotes orderliness, effectiveness, division of labour and expansion of business
Strategizing, planning and monitoring organization progress
Advertisement on media and news paper
Bank account creation, keeping records of finances and paying bills
Development of marketing plan, campaign and funding


Materials for my product and services

Sony pmw ex1
3 HD camera wireless transmitter
Waist band camera rig
users eartec wireless intercom
Production suit,mix, capture, edit, with 4input SDI and software
3kva inverter
8kva generator,(remote controlled)
SDI cables (4coils)
CG generator PC with software/templates
700Gb hyperdeck recorder
4tb backup drive.
Satlink flyaway kit -c band with motorized antenna

Expected lead time

Our services is needed throughout the year because all our customers needs our services every hour throughout the year that is, television station, video production companies, entertainment industry etc needs our services always.

Risk and challenges that might affect my success and how to reduce it

Sub standard equipment which will lead to poor production
Inexperience in the field
Strategic alliance
Difficulty in securing a good office or site


Buying standard equipment
Raising enough finance
Paying any reasonable amount asked to secure a good office

NOTE: This is not a complete business plan. We just provided answers to questions in a grant business plan.
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