How to upload wordpress via cpanel

• Open your browser and type the domain name or the url name of your site then put slash (/) cpanel or :2802 e.g or :2082.
• Then input cpanel username and password sent to you after web hosting plan purchase so as to have access to the web server.
• Double click on the file manager, under the files section of the cpanel home.
• Double click on the public_html and click on upload button at the left top of the window.
• Browse to the location where the downloaded zipped wordpress file is kept and upload it to the server.
• Right click on the wordpress zipped file in public_html, then click on “extract”. This will unzip the content of the wordpress zipped file into files and folder.
Note: Make sure that only the content within the wordpress is uploaded. Do not upload it with the wordpress directory (i.e the content within the wordpress directory

Not the content within the wordpress directory