How to upload web folder using filezilla

• Open the filezilla.
• Input the domain name, username and password then click on quickconnect.
Note: It is always advisable to use filezilla or any FTP software, when uploading a web folder that is already unzipped.
• Move to the local site (at the left side of the page) then wamp (c:\wamp\www\web folder), then to the web folder located at the local site.
• Below the web folder, the files and folders to be uploaded will be displayed.
• Then to the remote site (at the right side of the page), click on the server folder followed by the public_html. The default files and folders that comes with the new web host will be opened.
• Select all the files and folders you want to upload from the local site (left side) to the remote site (right side) by right clicking on the selected files and folder and then click on upload.
•. Wait until all the files are successfully uploaded
Note: Make sure all the “Queued files” icon at the extreme bottom left corner of the software shows that the files has been successfully transferred to the “successful transfer “icon.
• Make sure the “failed transfer” icon records no value.
• If the failed transfer icon records any failed transfer, click on the icon then right click on any of the “failed files” and click on “reset and requeue all”. It will then complete the transfer.
Note: If you are uploading a site built by wordpress via filezilla especially your downloaded wordpress zipped file, it is advisable to unzip the file before uploading with filezilla. If you prefer it to be uploaded as zipped file, you should go back to your Cpanel to unzip the file. Uploading the downloaded zipped file tends to be faster. Click on this link to learn how to upload via cpanel