After wordpress upload, there is a need to setup your database.
Follow the steps below to setup your database

• Open your web browser and type in the domain name of your blog / cpanel e.g
• Access your Cpanel Home via username and password sent to you after web hosting purchase.
• Go to the database section of your Cpanel Home and click on mysql database.
• Type in your preferred database name in the text field immediately after the underscore symbol ( _ ) then click on create database. After the click, the browser will take you to another page displaying that the database has been added.
• Click on” go back” so that you will be redirected back to the previous page.
• Scroll down to “mysql user section” of the page and type in username and password then create user.
• Immediately you click on create user, it will take you to another page displaying that the new user have been added
• Click on “go back” again in other to go back to the previous page, then scroll down to the bottom region of the page to add user to the data base. Make sure you select the user that you have created earlier and the database name and then click on Add.
• After you click on “add” you will be directed to another page in order to manage user privileges “Select all privileges” check box then click on make changes.

Following these simple steps above, you have successfully setup your database.
Note: when configuring your WordPress i.e wp_config.php, you will be asked to enter your database details. Make sure you add the server name that is always before “underscore” (_) sign i.e “peccobsc_DatabaseName. Therefore, if the database name inputed in the text field is lekan, it means that your recognized database name will be “peccobsc_lekan”.