As a blogger and owner of a website, creating contents and drawing traffic is not the only thing you are capable off, why not benefit off your website by monetizing it?

There are many ways of which you can benefit from it ,one of which is GOOGLE ADSENSE

What is Google  AdSense?

 AdSense is an advertising online company owned and run by Google as a  free way for websites to make money by  allowing display of  targeted Google advertisements on the sites.

How to sign up with Google  AdSense?

There are steps to take before being able to get Google  AdSense on your website and the first is setting up your website.

While the second is making sure your website is in compliance with Google rules i.e. Making sure your website is easy to  navigate and seen as a tested and trusted website without sale of counterfeits or full of mature contents .

Thirdly, you sign up with Google AdSense who in turn verify your website and make sure its compliable with their rules before allowing their ads to be displayed on it. After verifying, you will have to determine what type of ads you want to be displayed on your website.

To do that, you  look for the content option where a drop down menu will appear and you will select the ad units option.

This is where you get to choose the displayed ads type, size, style, and properties associated. its advisable to go with Google recommendations though while choosing a color that matches your website theme.

After you have saved your settings, you will be given a special generated code fromGoogle which you will have to copy and paste to your will be more  easier if you are using wordpress to manage your site.  

Simply paste it as a widget and place its URL somewhere on your site or use a plugin.

It is advisable to include a privacy policy on your website to let your website visitors that Google ads will be displayed on your site.

Your website will now be visible  to advertisers who would choose if they would like their ads on your site or not. If more advertisers find your website to be more open and draws more traffic and then bid to be displayed on your site,you’ll be able to earn more money as a blogger.

32% of the money collected from advertisers go to Google while the rest is for you.



•        CPC (cost per click)- you  get paid every time someone  r clicks on your  displayed ads.

•        Active View CPM (active view cost per thousand impressions)- you get paid for views whether you ads are clicked on or not.

•        CPE (cost per engagement)- you get paid when the ad is clicked on and interacted with e.g. making a purchase


When, you website starts generating income, you’ll receive a card from Google as an email to verify it.

The card will include a PIN associated with your AdSense account with instructions on how to verify it. when this is done, you will be able to cash out when you reach the minimum payment withdrawal.


It is advisable for you to do the following

  • You should abstain from clicking on your own ads, its fraudulent.
  • You should generate more traffic to increase your chances.
  • You should avoid violating any of Google policies

With all these, you are right on your way  to earning with your website.