How to create an effective facebook business page

How to create an effective facebook business page


Facebook page is a powerful tool to get engagement, conversation and traffic for your business to draw thousands and millions of online client.
In this article I will be teaching How to create an effective facebook business page that will take your business to the next level and give you a strong online presence
I will also be teaching you how to Facebook tips to rock social media and draw thousands of fans in the next article.

Steps to create an effective facebook business page

1. Create a personal account by signing up in facebook
Do not worry, information on your personal account will not be seen in your company or business page.
And if you have an account, just login with your email/phone and your password
2. Then access Facebook business page by typing the link below in a new tab in your browser
3. Click on “get started” as shown in the image before

4. Fill in appropriate page name that depict your business idea, choose the corresponding business category and fill the other fields as shown below and click on continue

5. Next, upload your company profile and cover image. Make sure you use a very attractive image that depict what your business idea is all about (images that supports your brand and easily attracts your online visitors ).
First upload your company profile image and click on upload profile picture, Make sure that the image is size to 170 × 170 pixels for desktop and 128 × 128 pixels for mobile.
Then, upload company cover image which must be size to 820 x 462 pixels. The cover page is always displayed at the top of the page and gives you a great opportunity to deliver a visual element that support your branding.

6. Create your facebook page username
To create facebook page username also called your vanity URL, click on create @ username at the left top side of the page as shown below, then click on create username at the right bottom of the dialogue box

But for those that has created username and wish to change the username to a better name that depict the brand, click on “about” at the left side of your page and click on edit as shown below

7. Add your business detail
This is where you fill all necessary field about your business. And these are:
About: where you describe a brief summary of your Page not more than 255 characters.
You can write a short summary about this Page, or tell people about your products and service, which can help your business be discovered more often on Facebook.
Contact details: fill out your phone number, emails and website where they can direct your traffic to when necessary
Tell your story: Here you can give a detailed description about your business

8. Create your first Post
I will advice that before you start inviting people to your page, make sure you publish some very educative and attractive post that will make your proposed client have reason to come back to view the content of your page.

9. Publish your Page
After you have created some few post, Its time to hit or click on the green button at the left Hand Side of your page. This makes your page to be visible to the entire world.

I believed that you have learn a lot of new things on how to create an effective facebook business page.
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