First step to building blog site

It is important to know that a blog site can be built via different ways / methods. E.g it could be done via:
This article will focus on building a blog site via WordPress.
(1) To start with, go to to download your wordpress.
(2) After a successful download, copy the downloaded zip file and keep it in a specific location or folder on your system.
(3) And go to any hosting company to buy a Hosting space and Domain name.To do this, lunch any web browser of your choice, and type in the URL of your preferred hosting company Example of such are:
or you can simply type in “Hosting Company” in your Google search menu which will in turn avail you with lots of options.
N.B When getting a Domain space, you must look out for the following details: consider the Band width, FTP, Sub Domain, Email Account, Disk Space and Data Space.
Click on pay and follow the computer prompt to a successful web payment. For details on how to make payment for your Domain space Click here
After a successful payment, your cpanel username and password will be sent to you via the mail you registered with.
(4) Access your web server with the Cpanel username and password sent to your mail.
To access your web server; from your web browser, type in your domain name which usually start with or :2082 E.g or
(5)Your cpanel window will be displayed, insert username and password to enter cpanel Home.
You will then upload your downloaded WordPress folder.You can upload your downloaded wordpress folder in two ways,
1) You can make use of file zilla or any FTP software
2) You can also upload it directly via c panel
To download File zilla / make use of it in your uploads, or to upload via cpanel directly, follow us on our next article which will give you detailed explanation in doing so.