Business Plan for T Shirt Branding in Nigeria

T Shirt Branding in Nigeria

Ay T-Shirt Design and Sales Company is a fashion company that specializes in sewing and designing of T-Shirt wears for sales both in local and international market. We supply in small and large quantity base on demand for event/parties, individual and corporate organization. We also run a training outfit where we teach students on the basics of T shirt branding business in Nigeria.

Product and Services

  • Designing, sewing, branding and selling of T-Shirt of different sizes for casual wears. We manufacture T-shirt in small and large quantities base on demand. We produce T-shirts and casual clothing for male, female, young, adult, children, corporate executive, unions, sport men and women, students, church and political parties.
  • We craft out and create appealing customized designs and brand image for unions, schools, departmental group, religion organization, political parties and other corporate organizations base on demand. Sometimes I design different styles and show them the softcopy on my system for them to choose the best.
  • Due to my experience in design and artwork, I help other companies to design different styles.
  • I also design different T-shirt styles and print them on books and calendar and sell.
  • I run a mini T-shirt manufacturing and branding classes, where I teach few students on graphics, artwork, style creation, branding and sewing of T-shirt.
  • We also print on t-shirt made by US, or brought by individual and corporate organization using the local method
  • We organize classes where we teach students on the basis of the trade, our success, shortcoming and materials require in T Shirt branding.

Problem Solved
As children, young and old like wearing T-shirt; we make it easily available by producing different styles of T-shirt to offer customers a variety of option.

We solve the problem of unemployment through our fashion outfit

I create appealing styles and nice brand images for other companies.

Target Market
The addressable market of T-shirt design and sales company is big because in Nigeria, there is available mass market that uses T-shirt as casual event and corporate dresses (both poor and rich) in Nigeria. We intend to make T-shirt wear available to every household in Nigeria and offer our services to more than 55% of children, young and old populace that uses T-shirt in Nigeria.

Marketing & Sales
Marketing Plan
Key influencers of this market are our client that request for our services for event and parties to supply them with T Shirt in bulk quantity Our services are disseminated to our online client via the internet by using all social networks
Distribution of fliers and pasting of stickers in Ibadan and it’s environ to create more awareness aside the one created on the internet
Production of sales animation to advertise our services on the internet and on Television stations
Production of audio jingle to also advertise Ay T-Shirt Design and Sales Company
Our primary competition will come from other well established T-Shirt Design and Sales Company , that are currently designing T shirt to the same target market that we serve. We use the following competitive advantage to serve our client better than our competitors
Differentiating factors
Training outfit added to our services
We offer free delivery for bulk purchase
We also add extra T shirt for bulk ordering. The quality and robust wealth of experience
We will produce our T-shirt and casual cloths for a wide range of people (for rich and poor)
Prompt delivery at client door step via online ordering
Ay T-Shirt Design and Sales Company is a sole proprietorship company, owned by me Samuel Ayo. We produces varieties of T shirt styles, train students on how to design and sew T shirt
Company Ownership
Management Team
Mr Samuel Tobi (B’Sc )
Chief Executive Officer
Taiwo is the Chief Executive Officer of Ay T-Shirt Design and Sales Company , and drives the company’s strategy and execution. He has over 8 years experience in this industry.
Mr Samuel Ayo is a graduate student of Chemisty from Obafemi Awolowo University and she is responsible for the daily operations and overall management of the company.

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