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The App is created by Solarex Information Technology World, an IT institute In Ibadan Nigeria. The App is madeup of E-reporting section ( to process student result on mid term and end of term basis) and Online Class room section to take online classes, quiz, share e-notes and videos from different subject teacher etc

The E-Reporting Section has the backend where:

Class teachers inputs all subjects scores of all the students in their class, print result for the students in their class and fill performance rating for all students

Each subject teachers has distinct login detail (i.e All subject taken in secondary school has a seperate login detail) to upload scores for their subject this will make rolling out of result very fast

Students/Parent can also print result or view result from home if they have been authorize by admin or class teacher to view mid term and end of term result. This functionality is a check to make sure that only students that has fully paid will be able to check result and the student still owing school fees will not be able to access result portal link in their portal

The Online Class Room Section has the backend where:

Students can Login to access quiz, classes, download educational material, submit assignment and drop messages for thier subject teachers

Subject teachers can upload quiz, assignment and educational materials for students, drop chat messages or announcement for students and create all the classes they are taken for each session.

Admin can create teachers, subjects, calender, events, academic session and monitors all the activities of subject teachers

Other Features

compatible for both online and offline usage
– Full database system for all students and staffs
– full backup provision to secure all data uploaded on the server
– Student Login to Access result
– Student login with the same detail to access online classroom
– Customized template for Mid and end of term result
– Continuous access to previous class result
– Class teachers access to the result of all students in his class
– Subject teacher access to only his/her subject
Result authorization available for students who has fully paid their school fees
– Automated promotion of students base on school’s predetermined standards

– Result proration available
– E-Attendance register
– Information Notification tool
–  Broad sheet generation
– Automated Timetable generation
– provision for online classes
– Subject teacher ability to create classes he/she is teaching from pry 1 – SS3
– uploading of educational material in all formats i.e word, PowerPoint, corel, pictures etc
– provision for assignment portal
– provision for topical online questions for all subjects
– provision for multiple choice questions
– provision for automated marking for multiple choice questions
– creation of academic calendar and events
– Provision for monitoring students and staffs activities on the App
– Accounting system installation on school system
– payment gateway also available on the App
– The App Comes with full website provision i.e about page, gallery etc
– Physical training of all staff on the the App

For Further enquiries Call: +2347062284261 / +23407082014770

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