How to partition in windows 7 without using software

Partitioning in windows 7 is very easy in that you don’t need to download any software before you can partition your hard disk into 2 or more parts.
Follow the steps below to achieve this:
1. Click on control panel.
2. Click on view by option at the top right hand side of the window.
3. Choose small icon.
4. Click on administrative tools.
5. Click on computer management.
6. Click on storage.
7. Disk management.
8. Select the partion that you want to divide and right click on it.
9. Click on shrink volume. This will display where you can enter the value that will determine the new volume that
you want to extract from current volume. The value that you enter into amount of space to shrink in MB is the
size of the new volume.
10. Click on shrink
11. The new volume will immediately be separated, right click on it and click format