Solarex Frozen Food Business Plan



Tobex Frozen food is a Frozen food company that will specializes in selling of fresh frozen foods such as chicken, turkey, beef, bush meat, fish, shrimps and snails to local market.

We are sure of having high addressable market, since the Federal Government placed a ban on the importation of frozen food, Tobex Frozen food will have a high patronage because we will sell fresh frozen foods products that are void of chemical preservatives.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to operate chains of Frozen food outlets in strategic locations all round Oyo State and in major cities in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To supply our end consumers with freshly processed frozen foods which are void of chemical preservatives using state of the art facility and latest technology; a business that will not only meet the needs of her clients but also supersede their expectations.

Product and Services

We will process, package and sell all kinds of frozen foods such as chicken, turkey, beef, bush meat, snails, fish and shrimps

We will also have several small outlet at strategic market place where we will be selling our products in showcase freezers.

Prompt supply of restaurant, bars and hotel around us.

We will also run an online platform where our online client can order for any of our products with prompt delivery.

Wow us:

Our product and services is different in the sense that we will produce:

– Fresh and chemical free products

– we will do home service delivery

– we make sure our products are affordable for everybody to purchase

Problems Solved.

We solve the problem of farmers which find it difficult most times to transfer their poultry birds, bush meats and sea foods to end customers

We will help the customers to bear the stress of processing and preserving the foods.

We are able to solve the problem of individuals or organization getting worried in getting Frozen food that they will prepare for their guest during event or any form of celebration.

We are able to contribute to the supply of Frozen food to the over 180 million Nigeria population.

We will solve the problems of unemployment.

Addressable market:

The addressable market for frozen foods business is big in Nigeria because of the dairy increase in population which leads to increase in food consumption.

We intend to reach every household in Nigeria with our products. No one in Nigeria love to be served a meal without at least a piece of meat/fish no matter how good the meal is, and Nigerian’s love to get the meat/fish at an affordable price and also within their reach.


Locations & Facilities

We hope to locate of office around No 7 Fajuyi Street, Ado Ekiti.


We will buy livestock, poultry products from farmers, slaughter, de-feather the birds, de-shell the snail, shrimps and snail, wash and packaged for people consumption without a trace of chemical preservative. We will do this so as to allow people enjoy the fresh taste of poultry product and bush meat without going through the stress of going to the poultries, bushes of local markets and also reduce the consumption of imported chemicals preserve frozen food to the bearest minimum.

Equipment & Tools.

We will use the following equipment

  •  Tables
  •  Chairs
  •  Knives
  • Chisel
  •  Generator
  •  Shop or WorkSpace
  •  Wooden Board
  •  Freezer or Showcase/glass top
  •  Freezer
  •  Apron
  •  Cabinet
  •  Fan
  •  Bowls and Buckets
  •  Waste bin

Current Milestone

I have started making more enquiries and consultation about the business

I have started doing my visibility study for the best market place for the business and the market strategy we can employ if my application is considered.

Next Milestone

Register the business

Look for more places at strategic locations

Employ one sales girl/boy for a start

In the next 1 year of starting the business I plan to start having outlet to different strategic market place.


CONTACT;  07062284261, 07082014770.

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